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Kingston Additional 1GB (1x1GB) PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz 200-pin Non-ECC Unbuffered SoDIMM - KTH-ZD8000B/1G

This 1GB memory is designed to enhance the performance of select HP/Compaq products and models.   Learn more about the product
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eCOST Part#: 7021942
Mfr Part#: KTH-ZD8000B/1G
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Platform: Universal
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Kingston is the world's largest independent memory manufacturer. In today's performance-driven environment, memory upgrades provide an easy, economical alternative to increase system performance. Every memory product Kingston offers is designed to help you get maximum performance at the best price to you.

All Kingston products are developed using industry leading quality processes, ensuring superior quality, performance, and 100% compatibility with the device the module is designed for.

Compatible With:

– HP/Compaq - 2133 Mini-Note PC
– HP/Compaq - 2510p Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 2533t Mobile Thin Client Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 2710p Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 520 Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 530 Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 6515b Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 6535s Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 6710s Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 6720t Mobile Thin Client
– HP/Compaq - 6735s Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 6820s Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 8510p Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 8510w Mobile Workstation
– HP/Compaq - 8710p Notebook
– HP/Compaq - 8710w Mobile Workstation
– HP/Compaq - BladeSystem bc2000 Blade Pc
– HP/Compaq - BladeSystem bc2500 Blade Pc
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 2210b
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 6510b
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 6520s
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 6710b
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 6715s
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 6720s
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook 6910p
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nc4400
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nc6320
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nc6400
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nc8430
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx6130
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx6310
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx6315
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx6320
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx6325
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx6330
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx7300
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx7400
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx8420
– HP/Compaq - Business Notebook nx9420
– HP/Compaq - dc73 Blade WorkStation Client
– HP/Compaq - Media Center Notebook G5042EA
– HP/Compaq - Media Center Notebook 5050EA
– HP/Compaq - Media Center Notebook G5056EA
– HP/Compaq - Media Center Notebook G5060EV
– HP/Compaq - Pvilion Entertainment Notebook dv2222TX
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv6110ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv6120ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv6150ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv6201TU
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv6207TX
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv6218TX
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Media Center Notebook dv2101eu
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Media Center Notebook dv2108ea
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion EMedia Center Notebook dv2109nr
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion EMedia Center Notebook dv2110eu
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1600 (CTO)
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1610TN
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1618TN
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1620us
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1635ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1635la
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1648us
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1650ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1650us
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1659us
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1660ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1665ea
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1665eu
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1670ea
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1674ea
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1680ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1680ea
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1688us
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1708nr
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1710ca
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv1710us
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9880ed
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9880ee
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9880eg
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9880eo
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9885ea
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9890el
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Notebook dv9890eg
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - Pavilion Slimlines
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ502kr
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ505
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ506cn
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ507
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ508cn
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ770
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ770a
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ770kr
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart
– HP/Compaq - TouchSmart lQ796jp


– Product Type: RAM Module
– Memory Speed: 667MHz
– Number of Modules: 1 x 1GB
– Form Factor: SO DIMM 200-pin
– Memory Size: 1GB
– Memory Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
– Error Checking: Non-ECC
– Signal Processing: Unbuffered
– Memory Standard: DDR2-667/PC2-5300
Storage Capacity 1 GB
Upgrade Type System specific
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part Number HP EM994AA, HP 409060-001, HP 414046-001, HP 431403-001, HP 432970-001, HP 434742-001, HP EM994UT
Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Form Factor SO DIMM 200-pin
Memory Speed 667 MHz ( PC2-5300 )
Latency Timings CL5
Data Integrity Check Non-ECC
RAM Features Unbuffered
Module Configuration 128 x 64
Supply Voltage 1.8 V
Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots 1 x memory - SO DIMM 200-pin
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited lifetime warranty ( Germany, Austria and France - 10 years )
Compatibility Information
Designed For HP Pavilion dv2002TU, dv2004ea, dv2009ea, dv2011ea, dv2020ea, dv2025LA, dv2025TU, dv2028ea, dv2040us, dv2050us, dv2053ea, dv2057ea, dv2064ea, dv2113TU, dv2116wm, dv2120ca, dv2210us, dv2220us, dv5201TX, dv5203TU, dv6040us, dv6058ea, dv6086ea, dv6113TX, dv6129us, dv6205us, dv6215us, dv6223eu, dv6225us, dv6226us, dv6235us, dv6241ea, dv6242eu, dv6245us, dv6255us, dv6265us, dv6275us, dv8302TX, dv8308TX, dv8310TX, dv8320us, dv8330us, dv8335ea, dv8372ea, dv8373ea, dv8380us, dv8392ea, dv8395ea, dv9001ea, dv9002ea, dv9003ea, dv9005ea, dv9005us, dv9006ea, dv9007TX, dv9008ea, dv9008TX, dv9018TX, dv9023us, dv9024ea, dv9044ea, dv9047ea, dv9054ea, dv9074ea, dv9203TX, tx1001AU, tx1005AU, tx1008AU, tx1012AU ¦ HP Pavilion Media Center dv2101eu, dv2102eu, dv2104ea, dv2104eu, dv2105ea, dv2106eu, dv2108ea, dv2110eu, dv2115ea, dv2116ea, dv2125ea, dv2130ea, dv2133ea, dv2140eu, dv2141eu, dv2149ea, dv2152ea, dv2166eu, dv2174ea, dv2175ea, dv2180eu, dv2188ea, dv2195eu, dv2205ea, dv2207ea, dv2215ea, dv2216ea, dv2224ea, dv2268ea, dv2275ea, dv2276ea, dv2278ea, dv6113ea, dv6113eu, dv6115ea, dv6123ea, dv6123eu, dv6132eu, dv6137ea, dv6140us, dv6147ea, dv6208ea, dv6211ea, dv6214ea, dv6215ea, dv6216ea, dv6218ea, dv6230ea, dv6231eu, dv6235eu, dv6236ea, dv6237ea, dv6238ea, dv6239ea, dv6239eu, dv6242ea, dv6244eu, dv6248eu, dv6249eu, dv6250eu, dv6252eu, dv6254ea, dv6254eu, dv6255eu, dv6256eu, dv6259eu, dv6262eu, dv6265ea, dv6267eu, dv6276ea, dv6276eu, dv6277ea, dv6278eu, dv6283eu, dv6285eu, dv6286ea, dv6286eu, dv6287eu, dv6288ea, dv6295eu, dv6297ea, dv6299ea, dv9014ea, dv9018ea, dv9022ea, dv9036ea, dv9037ea, dv9041ea, dv9042ea, dv9045ea, dv9049ea, dv9051ea, dv9053ea, dv9055ea, dv9057ea, dv9058ea, dv9059ea, dv9060ea, dv9064ea, dv9071ea, dv9075eu, dv9079ea, dv9082eu, dv9083ea, dv9084ea, dv9085eu, dv9088ea, dv9089ea, dv9091ea, dv9093ea, dv9095eu, dv9096ea, dv9099ea,,,,,,,, tx1030ea, tx1040ea
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Kingston Additional 1GB (1x1GB) PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz 200-pin Non-ECC Unbuffered SoDIMM (KTH-ZD8000B/1G)

This 1GB memory is designed to enhance the performance of select HP/Compaq products and models.

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