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Digieffect s Cinelook Film Res Package - CLFR-AE-MAC

Cinelook is a revolutionary new tool that takes any video, computer animation, film-scan or photo and allows you to add grain, correct color and add film artifacts like dust, scratches, and stains.   Learn more about the product
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eCOST Part#: 665282
Mfr Part#: CLFR-AE-MAC
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Platform: Macintosh
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Cinelook is a revolutionary new tool that takes any video, computer animation, film-scan or photo and allows you to add grain, correct color and add film artifacts like dust, scratches, stains, hair and more. Cinelook is a set of 2 After Effects plug-ins for the Macintosh and Windows 95/98/95/98/NT/2000. CineLook includes a printed manual and ships on a CD-ROM with fully searchable electronic documentation.

Cinelook was designed to allow video producers to give their productions that "film look," and also allow film producers to add film-grain to computer and cel animation. It can also reduce film grain to better integrate scenes in film production. Cinelook has two versions, Broadcast and Film Res. Broadcast is limited to a resolution of 768x576 pixels (D1 NTSC & PAL). The Film Res version adds a de-grain filter, a hardware key and works up to 4K by 4K resolution.

Make Your Video Look Like Film!
Cinelook allows you to take any video footage (SVHS, Hi-8, BetaSP, DV) and make it look like film! Cinelook can emulate all of the popular film-stocks and performs advanced color correction. It uses the enhanced timing controls in After Effects to convert 30fps footage to 24fps in order to simulate 35mm and 16mm film, and 12fps for 8mm film. This process in known as "inverse-telecine" and is integral to achieving the "film look."

StockMatch(tm) - Emulates Real Film-Stocks!
Delivered complete with 30 of the most common film-stocks, plus 20 more special effects settings including 8mm color & BW, 16mm color & BW, several 35mm film stocks and several special effects settings. You can modify the settings using StockMatch and ChromaMatch and save your own for use on other scenes and other projects. Cinelook uses a microscopic stochastic film-grain emulator called StockMatch that allows you to match ANY film stock with ease!

CineLook also helps 3D animations look more film-like and blend more smoothly with film backgrounds. Importantly, it enables animators to both remove film grain from old film footage (with the FilmRes option, or with the CineMotion companion product) and add film-grain to newly rendered images, making it possible to match computer-generated animations with existing film in graininess. Film, especially old film, is typically laden with grain -- an inevitable kind of visual "background noise" that is inherent in the medium of film. In fact, grain is part of what helps people recognize film as film, and computer-generated images devoid of grain look too "perfect" to pass for film footage.

Film makers often want to merge characters or objects of their own making with existing or old film footage, so they call on computer animators to create realistic 3D animations that can be composited into the film background. Too often, however, computer-generated animations and film footage are drastically mismatched in grain level, which gives an artificial look to the final product. The most common previous solution, adding grain to the entire product, resulted in two layers of film grain and an unacceptable, still-artificial appearance.

CineLook FilmRes allows a new approach to solving the problem of mismatched grains. It allows producers to actually remove grain from original film footage, which is a difficult process that required development of some very sophisticated algorithms. As a result, producers can degrain the background film plates, composite their footage and regrain the entire shot. The result is a visually appealing match between film backgrounds and animations. The CineLook plug-in provides animators with many options for controlling the final appearance of their images. In addition to removing grain from existing film footage, they can add grain to an entire rendered frame, to 3D images only or only to selected surfaces. They can control grain size in pixels, determine the strength of the grain and match the differences frame by frame. In addition, CineLook lets animators correct for film color and highly grained bright spots.

CineLook essentially enables producers to add certain imperfections to achieve a more realistic film-like appearance to their productions. CineLook will help all kinds of computer-generated animations look more like what audiences expect from film. Producers and animators who have struggled in the past to drop their carefully constructed 3D animations onto background film, only to experience the disappointment of seeing the animations as sterile-looking images floating against the grainy background, will be blown away with what CineLook can help them create.

ChromaMatch(tm) - Complete Simulation of Film Color Curve Response!
You can control the color interactively using ChromaMatch, a "Photoshop Variations" style tool, a "Photoshop Curves" type of controls or simply use the standard After Effects sliders - the choice is yours! The Includes easy-to-use color correction tools called Chromatch to match looks with ease.

TimeMatch(tm) - Simulates the Shutter Blur of Film!
Film is captured using a rotating shutter that takes a relatively long exposure at a rate of 24 times a second. On the other hand, video uses an electronic CCD and captures an image every 1/60th of a second. This difference in capture rates causes film to have a more organic and "slurred" look. CineLook allows you to control this aspect of film with ease using TimeMatch's "Time Slur" controls, which add an enhanced motion blur to the video footage.

If you are an independent movie producer, CineLook is a great tool to get your work "in the door". As you may know, distributors will rarely review any material that was shot on video. But CineLook gives you a creative edge. Check out the following article about how one soon-to-be hollywood mogul did it: Check it Out!

FilmDamage(tm) - Organic Film Destructor in a Plug-In!
Cinelook includes FilmDamage. It uses a unique organic algorithm that destroys film with complete control. Over 30 parameters allow you to customize the effect to your liking! This super-enhanced version of AgedFilm(tm) from the Aurorix(tm) 2 set of filters is only available with Cinelook.

You can add a variety of very realistic scratches, dust, hair, blurred and overexposed areas, uneven grain, flicker, random-focus and much more. It uses a database of real film artifacts, which creates a completely realistic effect. You can even save your settings as a preset!

Installation Requirements
Minimum MAC Processor Supported PowerPC G3
Minimum MAC CPU Speed 133MHz
Minimum MAC RAM Required 48 MB
Minimum MAC HD Space Required 100 MB
License Product? No
Additional Details
Additional Details After Effects MacOS Version - CineLook requires a fast PowerMac (132mhz or better), 48mb of RAM, After Effects 3.0 or later.Windows 95/98/95/98/NT/2000 Version - CineLook requires a fast Pentium (150mhz or better), 48mb of RAM, After Effects 3.1 or higher. The 95/98/NT/2000 version does not include the custom user interface, but adds a curve editor to the standard After Effect user interface.(Linux Compatible:Info Not Available)
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Digieffect s Cinelook Film Res Package (CLFR-AE-MAC )

Cinelook is a revolutionary new tool that takes any video, computer animation, film-scan or photo and allows you to add grain, correct color and add film artifacts like dust, scratches, and stains.

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