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Axiom Memory 2GB (1X2GB) PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM SoDIMM 200-pin Memory Module - AX16791402/1

This 2GB memory modules designed to enhance the performance. Compatible with select products and models. Axiom memory module is manufactured with the best parts to meet or exceed OEM specifications.   Learn more about the product
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eCOST Part#: 7336369
Mfr Part#: AX16791402/1
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Platform: Universal
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Axiom has made reliability the cornerstone of its product strategy. The company is dedicated to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to detail, quality and consistency. Offering perhaps the broadest line of upgrade products in the industry, Axiom manufactures and distributes virtually every type of memory modules available.


– Top grade chips and components - Each Axiom memory module is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

– Fully tested - All memory chips that leave our warehouse are fully tested to guarantee quality and reliability.

– Guaranteed compatibility - Axiom guarantees that each system specific chip will work with its corresponding OEM computer.

Compatible with:

– Toshiba: Tecra A7-114
– Toshiba: Portege M400
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-383
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-278
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-133
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-105
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-211
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-248
– Sony: VAIO VGN-SZ645P1
– Sony: VAIO VGN-SZ760N/C
– HP-Compaq: Presario Notebook F761US
– Toshiba: Tecra M9 Series
– Lenovo: ThinkPad T61p (88xx, and 89xx-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad T60 (6369, 6370, 6371, 6372-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61 (7673, 7674, 7675-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61 (7676, 7678, 7679-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61 Tablet (6363, 6364-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61 Tablet (7762, 7763, 7764-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61 Tablet (7767, 7768, 7769-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61s (7666, 7667, 7668, 7669-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X61s (7670, 7671-xxx)
– Sony: VAIO VGN-BX760PS2
– Dell: Latitude D830
– Fujitsu-Siemens: LifeBook T Series T4220
– Dell: Precision M4300
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-P542
– HP-Compaq: TouchSmart IQ770uk
– Toshiba: Satellite U205-S5058
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-3022E
– Toshiba: Satellite U205-S5021
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-3012E
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-1021E
– Toshiba: Satellite M110-0MX00S
– Toshiba: Satellite U205-S5057
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-2111E
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-2021E
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-3012E
– Toshiba: Satellite M110-05H00C
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-1111E
– Toshiba: Tecra M5/030007
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-S513
– Lenovo: ThinkPad Z61p (9450, 9451, 9452, 9453-xxx)
– Toshiba: Tecra M5/017007
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-193
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro P100-TM9
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-ST7711
– Toshiba: Tecra M5/0EH007
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A100-708
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-389
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X60 Tablet (6366, 6367, 6368-xxx)
– HP-Compaq: Business Notebook nx6330
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-201
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-176
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-191
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-133
– Toshiba: Satellite M110-ST1161
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-ST9742
– Toshiba: Satellite M115-SP3021
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-197
– Toshiba: Satellite R20-ST2081
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-388
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-EZ6312
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-133
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A100-244
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-386
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-216
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-496
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-121
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-SP3042
– Toshiba: Portege M400-ST4035
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-141
– Toshiba: Portege M400-S4034
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-111
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-208
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-150
– Lenovo: ThinkPad R60e (0656, 0657, 0658, 0659-xxx)
– HP-Compaq: Business Notebook nx6310
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120SE-102
– Toshiba: Satellite A105-S4334
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro P100-369
– Toshiba: Satellite U200-SP7021
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-192
– HP-Compaq: Presario Notebook V3111TU
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-317
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A100-247
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-LV3
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-131
– Toshiba: Satellite P105-S6102
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro P100-420
– Toshiba: Satellite U205-S5034
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-292
– Toshiba: Satellite P105-S6124
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-LL7
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-221
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-159
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-SP4032
– Toshiba: Satellite P105-S6104
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120SE-163
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120SE-169
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120SE-178
– HP-Compaq: Business Notebook nx7300
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120-151
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120SE-172
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-SP4022
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-ST6315
– Toshiba: Portege M400-170
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120-161
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-149
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120-162
– Toshiba: Satellite U200-192
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-359
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-214
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-487
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-132
– Toshiba: Satellite A105-S4324
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-ST1071
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120-144
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120SE
– Toshiba: Satellite U200-ST2091
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro P100-169
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-103
– Toshiba: Satellite A105-S4274
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-171
– HP-Compaq: Presario Notebook V6137US
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120-145
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-114
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-277
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro P100-382
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-CV0
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-ST1042
– Toshiba: Satellite M115-S3144
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A120-146
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-330
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-342
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-SP3062
– Toshiba: Tecra M5L
– Toshiba: Tecra M5L-386
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-EZ8412
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-EZ8413
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-S4331
– Toshiba: Tecra M7-132
– Toshiba: Satellite Pro A100-707
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-387
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-ST5011
– Toshiba: Satellite P105-S6134
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-232
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-384
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-112
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-119
– Apple: iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 24-inch (Late 2006)
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-118
– Toshiba: Tecra M5/016007
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-443
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-MA2
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-MA1
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-S612
– Dell: Precision M90
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-126
– Lenovo: ThinkPad T60p (2613, 2623-xxx)
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-100
– Dell: Latitude D420
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-KF4
– Lenovo: ThinkPad X60s (2507, 2508-xxx)
– Lenovo: ThinkPad T60 (2613, 2623, 2637-xxx)
– Toshiba: Tecra A8 Series
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-101
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-135
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-129
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-KF2
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-KF6
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-132
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-136
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-343
– Dell: Latitude D820
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-LV4
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-P2451
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-S5331
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-119
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-LL2
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-SP2012
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-SP3022
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-SP561
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-SP721
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-02N021
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-233
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-109
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-ST8112
– HP-Compaq: Business Notebook nx6310
– Toshiba: Satellite A100-118039
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-CV3
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-LV7
– Toshiba: Satellite M110-01J00D
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-S712
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-LV1
– Toshiba: Tecra A6 Series
– Toshiba: Tecra A7/011003
– Toshiba: Tecra A7 Series
– Toshiba: Tecra A8-P5301
– Toshiba: Tecra A7/012003
– HP-Compaq: Tablet PC TC4400
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-ST3112
– Dell: Latitude D530
– HP-Compaq: Business Notebook nc6320
– Toshiba: Tecra A6/00G005
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-S433
– Toshiba: Tecra A7-106
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-ST3512
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-P3411
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-1021E
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-1011E
– Toshiba: Satellite M100-150
– Lenovo: ThinkPad x60 (2509, 2510-xxx)
– Toshiba: Tecra A6-P3401
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-374
– Toshiba: Satellite P100-MA3
– Toshiba: Tecra M5-106


– Product Type: RAM Module
– Memory Size: 2GB
– Memory Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
– Number of Modules: 1 x 2GB
– Memory Speed: 667MHz
– Form Factor: 200-pin SoDIMM
Storage Capacity 2 GB
Upgrade Type Generic
Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Form Factor SO DIMM 200-pin
Memory Speed 667 MHz ( PC2-5300 )
Data Integrity Check Non-ECC
RAM Features Unbuffered
Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots 1 x memory - SO DIMM 200-pin
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited lifetime warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed For Dell Latitude D820, D820 BURNER, D820 Essential Plus, D830
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Axiom Memory 2GB (1X2GB) PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM SoDIMM 200-pin Memory Module (AX16791402/1)

This 2GB memory modules designed to enhance the performance. Compatible with select products and models. Axiom memory module is manufactured with the best parts to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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