3 Year Date of Purchase, Onsite Repair Coverage for Server ($3001 - $10,000)–Coverage begins on the date of purchase and is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty.–This protection plan does not replace your manufacturers warranty but could provide certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturers warranty –Onsite Service – To initiate a repair; you must first call the toll free number on your Service Contract. If a repair is deemed necessary, a technician will be dispatched during normal business hours. –No Lemon Policy - Experience four documented failures on the same component and receive a new replacement product.–Power Surge Coverage - Covers damage that may occur with power surge events when the device is properly connected to a PC or other electrical outlet using an Underwriters Laboratory approved operational surge suppressor. Your surge protector may be collected by the by the Administrator for examination.–This plan must be sold within 180 days of the hardware purchase and the hardware must be in good working condition at time of service plan sale.–The plan is fully transferable (Giving it away? selling it? Its still covered)–Our programs are supported by a network of 30,000 technicians nationwide.–Advanced technical support available on every hardware failure call. –Customer Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 364 days per year.–See Terms and Conditions for additional details
Service Plan
Length 36 months