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G-Technology GRAID 4TB Dual-Drive RAID 0 External Storage Device with Quad Interface (eSATA, 2 X FW800, FW 400 via cable, and USB 2.0)
(G-RAID is designed specifically for professional content creation applications like Final Cut Studio and is available in storage capacities up to an amazing 6TB!)
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  Excellent HD, but PC Setup Required. Great Tech Assistance.,  2013-05-15
By Jack

First impressions were very positive -- it has an impressive finish and heft that are consistent with the claim that it is built to "industry standards" - whatever that means. It comes with all four connectors, which is an unusually nice touch for most equipment. Instructions are minimal, but there are adequate warnings that this is not intended to be an out-of-the-box PC hard drive. And that is quite right. I don't think they meant it to be as difficult as I experienced, but the end result has been quite satisfactory, and consistent with my expectations.

Disclaimer: I am not a MAC guy, this hard drive was clearly marketed to MAC owners, and I bought it from MacMall. So I deserve no sympathy for what ensued.

The first hitch was with the connector. I bought the drive because I actually need 4 TB -- my digital music collection is approaching 3.5 TB; the second reason for buying G-Tech's GRAID is that it has an eSATA connection - which should give near-USB3 speed without having to buy a USB3 card for my computer, which is only a year old but has only USB2. I connected eSATA and proceeded to set up the drive following the on-line description. For better or worse, I grew up on computers even before DOS was commercially available, so I know more about how PCs still work that is worth the neurons it occupies. But sometimes it is valuable. I happen to remember that there used to be a 2TB limit on how DOS, hence Windows, would format hard drives, and reformatting GRAID is required since it comes MAC-formatted. After trying to solve the problem for a couple of hours, I called G-Tech technical support and spoke with Tony in LA, who was just wonderful, patient, and even amused that I could deal with the DOS that was required to get myself out of the mess I had gotten myself in. Lesson 1 -- do not use the eSATA connection to format the drive; use USB, then add e SATA after it is set up. It seems that there could have been a little note to that effect in the box... It would have saved Tony and me a lot of time.

The second hitch was that it slowed to a crawl when I tried to move my collection to the GRAID. Transfer speeds started at 30 MB/Sec and rapidly fell to 5 MB/Sec -- it took more than a day to transfer one 500 GB folder. The cause was never fully resolved, but I think it had something to do with the setup. Maybe it was because after the setup I removed the USB cable and left only the eSATA...

The third catastrophic hitch was that after (repeat, after) I had patiently transferred 2.3 TB to the GRAID it fatally crashed. It informed me that it was corrupted and needed to be reformatted, thank you very much. I tried a few futile fixes, which I knew would not work, and indeed they did not. I then call tech support again, hoping that they had a fix that I knew was not there, and specifically wondering if the problem was in the drive (rather than my incompetence). Ken was patient, but firm in confirming my silly hope that anything other than reformatting (bye, bye one week of work -- thank god it was backed-up except for about 5 hours of editing). He pointed out what most PC-saavy people know -- disconnecting cables when the hard drive is actually doing something is about as stupid as you can get. Now an expert on reformatting, I set it up again, this time successfully.

Punchline 1. Watch out for the cable connections. This is at heart, I think, a MAC drive, but once you get it set up properly, it works very well on PCs.

Punchline 2. They have wonderful tech support, and they can probably get you out of any messes that you get yourself in. A little knowledge of DOS, however, goes a long way.

Punchline 3. When properly set up, it is a smokin' little drive. All the transfers (this time I left both eSATA and USB2 connected, trusting that it or the computer would choose the fastest) have gone at 30 MB/Sec, which is the best you can hope for when you transfer from a USB external drive to an eSATA d

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GRAID 4TB Dual-Drive RAID 0 External Storage Device with Quad Interface (eSATA, 2 X FW800, FW 400 via cable, and USB 2.0)
by G-Technology

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